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Abstracts Submission

Notifications will be sent to all abstract submitters towards the end of June.


ILCA 2013 is pleased to announce that we will continue with the use of e-posters in the scientific programme. e-Posters have completely replaced the printed posters. Authors have the opportunity to prepare a number of slides which will be displayed on touch screens throughout the ILCA 2013 venue.

e-Poster Preparation and Submission

e-Poster presenters will receive an email with instructions on where and how to submit their e-Poster presentation following acceptance of their abstract.
e-Poster presenters have all received an email with instructions on where and how to submit their e-Poster presentation. For additional guidelines and information, please see here.


What is an e-Poster?
An e-Poster stands for electronic poster. Delegates can view e-posters on interactive touch-screens.

What is the advantage of an e-Poster?
With this system, you can show a lot more information than on ordinary paper posters. The goal of this system is to be author and viewer-friendly, as well as innovative.
Poster presenters no longer have to pay relatively high sums to have their paper posters printed, and they no longer have to take large and cumbersome poster tubes with them to (international) events.

How do I prepare an e-Poster?
Presenters simply have to upload a PowerPoint presentation and the poster is ready to be viewed, no more poster boards and expensive printing costs.
e-Posters have to be prepared in a PowerPoint file (97-2003, 2007, or later, using the default slide size) and should not exceed 10 slides. The total file size should not exceed 15 Mb. Videos can be included, but should also have a maximum size of 15 Mb each.

Are there any additional functionalities?

  • Online poster submission by presenters
  • Search posters by author, number, poster title and keywords
  • Possibility to comment on posters
  • Use videos files inside your poster
  • Full HD resolution

Any additional questions?
Eva Strouhalova
Programme Manager